Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Why You Should Go to Bootcamp This Fall

Have you gained unnecessary weight, lost confidence in your ability to exercise, or are looking to making a personal improvement to your overall health? If so, then bootcamp might be the best option for you. While many people are reluctant to enlist in a bootcamp fitness program, the benefits of total-body strength training and cardiovascular conditioning can be just the thing to whip out of shape bodies back into gear.3

According to Fitness Health 101, “bootcamps provide dynamic, efficient workouts”. The rigorous, usually daily, workouts target most regions of the body and quickly promote weight loss and healthy habits. For those who have difficulty applying themselves in long-term fitness classes, bootcamp programs can help them to quickly experience the optimal side effects of fitness as part a of their daily routine.

If this type of class sounds good to you, but you are unwilling to lock yourself into a long-term commitment for a new form of exercise, you will be happy to note that many Toronto gyms like Striation 6 offer a pay-per-use option for their fitness classes. The best fitness classes are pay-per-use or pay-per-class, which can offer a convenient option compared to traditional gyms that charge expensive yearly membership fees and don’t necessarily offer the structure needed to get out of shape individuals into a routine. Additionally, by signing up for a pay-per-class program like the Striation 6 bootcamps in Toronto, participants get to experience a variety of exercise methods in one class, instead of committing to one only to find out it is not for them shortly afterwards.

Bootcamp class leaders are usually highly trained, enthusiastic, fitness professionals who give participants encouragement and respect, while pushing them to strive for their personal best. In order to succeed in a class of this nature, participants are required to complete a variety of tasks that target different muscle functions within each class. Switching between everything from cardio, yoga, and weight lifting, these programs are certainly grueling, but consist mostly of what people are looking to change in their health and wellness. According to the Mayo Clinic, the sense of camaraderie and variety of that bootcamp classes provide are added benefits of this fitness regime.

When joining a bootcamp fitness class you are essentially becoming a part of a fitness team. Together, you will work hard to push your own personal limits, and learn new techniques from both your leader and fellow participants. Feeling the support and having the backbone of social support can make getting back into shape a far more enjoyable process. While this type of class is not for everyone, many people find it to be enjoyable and a great percentage of them become repeat customers.

What originally was thought of as a fitness trend, inspired by the army’s program designed to quickly whip to enlistees into shape, has now evolved to become one of the most effective and widespread fitness programs throughout the country. Are you ready to enlist?