Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Why Women Should Consider Pilates

Women are more likely to gain fat around their stomachs than men and it can be difficult to lose weight once you reach a certain age. That said, lack of core support, pelvic instability, muscular imbalances, poor posture, belly fat, and lack of body awareness can all affect health. Fortunately, Pilates can help improve all of this while burning hundreds of calories in a short amount of time. Women who want to improve their bodies, get rid of stubborn belly fat, and just improve their overall health should consider this option before any other type of workout.

Women Should Consider Pilates

Muscle Tone

Pilates exercises help strengthen and tone muscles over time by utilising your own body weight. Any time that you add muscle to your body, you also stimulate metabolism, burning more fat over the same amount of time. Pilates in Baldivis offered by highly-trained professionals who personally know the struggle of losing weight and gaining muscle can help guide you through the process. From your first class onward, you should begin to feel better about the health of your body and really feel the burn as fat cells disappear and muscles replace them.


Much as yoga can improve flexibility, Pilates is a method perfectly suited to increasing flexibility over time. Those with musculoskeletal conditions and issues that inhibit mobility stand to benefit from this type of exercise. With careful effort and dedication, you can expect this strategy to keep your muscles supple and flexible. A flexible muscle is a healthy muscle, making it better able to handle stresses such as an injury. The more that you increase your flexibility, the more you can enjoy some of your favourite hobbies. Golfing, tennis, bowling, cricket, or simply playing with your children can happen with far less pain and frustration with the help of Pilates.

Most sports require a person to bend and twist often, which can put undue stress on the muscles and joints. However, regular Pilates can help to correct these imbalances and allow you to do things that you enjoy with greater ease. A healthy spine can curve forward and backward, twist, and move side to side without pain or difficulty. As you increase your core strength through regular Pilates, the back muscles learn to work in harmony with the abdominal muscles, forming protective support for the spine and increasing your range of motion.

Lose Weight

Although losing weight is just one of the benefits associated with Pilates, this is one of the most common motivations behind signing up for the exercise. Pilates will work every muscle in your body, helping you to burn hundreds of calories in an hour or less. In fact, you stand to burn two times as much as you would if you walked for the same length of time, and it is far better for your body. The key to losing weight is to burn more than you consume and you should adjust your diet accordingly. Remember, cutting calories is not the same as cutting food altogether. Instead, consider alternatives to your favourite foods with all the flavours you love but lower calories, such as zucchini noodles rather than traditional pasta.