Tuesday 17 September 2019
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Types of Protective Gear to Get for Softball

Softball should be a fun sport for men and women of all ages. Unfortunately, injuries may arise whether you were at the top of your game or not. You can protect yourself from injuries with proper gear that covers body parts that may be at risk.

Reduce your chance of injuries by looking for high quality gear that will keep you in the game. Our simple guide can help you find the right equipment for your safety.

Five Protective Gear to Look for Softball Success

1. Versatile Sliding Pads

A softball sliding pad can fit over your knee and down to your shin. This gear is great for agressive play and corrects your knee position so you don’t slip when you’re rounding the bases.

2. Ankle Braces

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one, an ankle brace can aid you in athletic activities. Proper hinges and support can prevent you from falling on the field and risking additional sprains and injuries.

3. Face Guards and Masks

No matter your softball position, you can save yourself injuries to your face with a face guard. Many think masks look silly but they can reduce your chance of a broken nose or a black eye if you get hit with a softball. Experts recommend children start with a plastic face guard as they grow and invest in a metal mask for a seasoned player.

4. Warm Weather Gear

Softball is generally played in the colder months of the year with practice starting as early as winter. Your team will appreciate wearing leggings or thermals underneath their uniform to stay warm in style.

5. Protective Gear for Pitchers

Softball pitchers face the risk of injury to their chest from a hard-line drive. A chest guard with functional padding can prevent rib injuries that can seriously harm the body. A padded shirt works as a barrier between you and the ball.

Stay Safe During Softball to Keep the Game Going

You’ll want to look into protective gear whether you’re on a pro softball league or playing for fun. Serious injuries can occur with any sport and affect your lifestyle temporarily or more severe. Look to sturdy gear from trusted brands to keep you and your team safe during games and practice. While it’s important to have fun, it’s alsoo important to stay uninjured.