Tuesday 17 September 2019
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The Importance of Taking Care of Our Sexual Health

A lot of people do not consider sexual health as important as mental and physical health. One of the main reasons is that talking about sex and sexual health is still taboo and frowned upon in some countries. But the steady increase in sexually-related diseases tells us that we should discuss our sexual health more and chuck away the notion that opening up about our sexual health is promoting promiscuity. Many people die of HIV and AIDS in many countries, and the age of affected people gets younger and younger each decade.

Regular health checks

Like going to the dentist every six months or so or visiting our family doctor regularly, having our sexual health checked on a regular basis is just as important. We have access to medical information through the Internet, but it is not enough to diagnose ourselves that we are in the pink of health. A doctor’s advice is still the best course to take, not the Internet. Health insurance companies include sexual health checks in their coverage, so it is best to take advantage of available sexual health services.

Broader knowledge

A lot of people all over the world have a limited understanding of sexually transmitted diseases. The more we know, the more we become aware of how we will not become a statistic. Schools offer sex education to students, so they have basic knowledge about sex and taking care of sexual health. We have unlimited resources of information that we can exhaust – doctors, hospitals, advertisements, the Internet – and we should exhaust them. Knowledge is power; if you know that you can get sexually transmitted diseases from unprotected sex, then you will be more careful about your sexual practices.

Disease prevention

Being sexually active exposes us to the dangers of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. If you get regular check-ups, then you will be aware of how your sexual health fares, in real time. If you ever contract a sexually transmitted infection, your doctor can immediately cure it, so it doesn’t progress to something more serious, such as HIV or AIDS.

Better overall health

You may think that contracting STDs will not affect your overall health. That is where you are wrong. Your whole body will react to the disease, and eventually, it will spread to other body parts and wreak havoc on your body. Remember that HIV and AIDS weaken a person’s immune system. If your immune system is down, your body is susceptible to more illnesses that may be harder to treat.

For our sexual health to remain in good condition, we must make it a point to visit our doctor to get checked regularly. Even if we do not feel anything untoward, we must be vigilant in taking care of ourselves. Let us take steps to ensure that the statistics of sexually-related deaths do not increase. We have the technology and the capacity to be in top shape sexually, so let’s take advantage of that.