Sunday 18 August 2019
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The 5 Best Brunch Spots in Jakarta

Jakarta is a booming metropolis and an increasingly popular destination that boasts a rich ethnic heritage. From budget treats to extravagant spreads, Jakarta is the perfect place to taste black desserts. Here are the five best places to have brunch in Jakarta.

DapurBabah Elite

The large wooden doors of DapurBabah Elite invite people to an age-old restaurant, family-run restaurant, in a few of the most popular components of Jakarta. This restaurant, which is nestled in a semi rundown shop includes a large dining area that is decorated with Peranakan charms and imperial antiques. The red, orange and blue décor gives the place a traditional look, and the expanse of the courtyard and the spacious dining tables make it quite pleasing to the eye. They specialize in black cuisine, together with signature dishes like the GurameGoreng, which you can enjoy for brunch.

Bandar Djakarta

A perfect seafood restaurant to see at Jakarta is Bandar Djakarta, it’s one of the finest from town, offering the freshest catch of the day. Equipped with a rich assortment of seafood delicacies, if you’re grabbing a mouthful of crispy fried prawns or appreciating clams saturated in blossoms, this restaurant won’t disappoint you. Visitors usually have to wait in a long queue, but the wait is worth it.


This innovative blend restaurant combines Asian and French cuisine to make a lavish spread of dishes. The multi-cuisine adventure at Orient8 provides you a glimpse inside Asian culinary traditions. The restaurant can be found in Hotel MuliaSenayan, with a brightly lit corridor plus a timeless décor. The restaurant includes a colonial touch, featuring an artsy gallery along with a light breakfast menu

Potato Head Garage

This restaurant provides an innovative take on a typical steakhouse and is a location where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast full of fun and laughter. The massive warehouse styled venue is known for its eccentric décor, with a classical piano along with a chapel situated alongside the bar. Serving signature dishes such as the Wagyu Strip Loin and the local favorite, Black Angus, Potato Head Garage is a meat lover’s heaven with quality cuts of tender beef that you can enjoy for a wholesome brunch.


HarumManis supplies a wide variety of Indonesian flavors in brightly styled dishes. You can order fresh platters for breakfast like the BuburAyam (slowly grilled chicken porridge) or enjoy a vegetarian delight such as Ketoprak Batavia (glass noodles with roasted peanuts). The restaurant is a favorite for its Sunday brunch and is mostly seen by business professionals who host numerous corporate events inside the halls of the vibrant establishment. HarumManis also organizes a range of cultural activities.

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