Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Smart Options for the Ephedra Viridis extract For Your Use

Ephedra is an evergreen shrub native to Central Asia and Mongolia. Its main active ingredient, Ephedra, strongly stimulates the nervous system and the heart. In China and India, ephedra is used for more than 5000 years for the treatment of cold, fever, influenza, headache, asthma, etc. Among other things, ephedra is a component of many nutritional supplements for weight loss, increased energy and improved athletic performance. As a rule, stems and leaves of ephedra are used for the preparation of tablets, extracts and tea.

The Safety Measures

With Ephedra Viridis extract, one should be careful, since this plant gives a higher incidence of side effects than other herbal preparations. Some studies indicate an increased risk of heart, psyche and gastrointestinal problems, as well as increased pressure and the risk of stroke with ephedra. As for weight loss, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ephedra is not very effective, and the risk of side effects far outweighs any benefits.

The Issues

In 2004, the FDA banned the sale of food supplements containing ephedra, due to the risk of cardiovascular complications and death. The ban does not apply to traditional Chinese herbal medicines or products, such as herbal tea. Between 1995 and 1997, the FDA received more than 900 reports of possible toxic effects of the plant. Serious side effects included stroke, heart attack and sudden death.


Using ephedra can worsen the course of some ailments, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Ephedra can cause seizures in healthy people, as well as in people with convulsive disorders. Taking ephedra can also lead to anxiety, difficulty urinating, dry mouth, headache, hypertension, heart rhythm disturbance, stomach irritation, kidney stones, nausea, psychosis, anxiety and sleep disorders. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid ephedra.

The Popularity

Many people know about Ephedra now. Today it is equivalent to doping and is banned, but this is not because Ephedra is harmful. Almost 80 years Ephedra was sold in pharmacies as a remedy for the common cold to both children and adults. The experience of physicians proves that Ephedra does not have harmful side effects on the body. One of the most effective functions of Ephedra is that it actually increases muscle energy.

Not Accepted in Sports

This is his action and is considered illegal in sport. For example, if a sportsman has a cold and he treats him with Ephedra, then he incidentally stimulates the overall energy of his muscles, and thus gets a dishonest advantage over his rivals. Therefore, over time, there was a ban on its use. But the fact is that only “pure” synthetic Ephedra was banned, but the herb ephedra, on the basis of which “fat burners” are produced, was not forbidden by anyone, herbal extracts do not fall under the ban, the difference in the effect between the grass ephedra and synthetic Ephedra is practically none.

As Excellent Fat Burners

Therefore, today there is a huge number of grass ephedra “Fat burners” are based on caffeine and the Ephedra Viridis extract, which accepts a huge number of people all over the world, striving for a beautiful and relief physique. As in many other popular cases of supplementation, there are also common mistakes that are made as a result of different rumors about taking this supplement and its effect on the body.