Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Right Way of treating Alzheimer by Cannabis


The use of Marijuana in Medical field is always controversial. The medical Cannabis is focusing in many treatments to use as per medical benefits. As researchers are concerned about the use of medical marijuana in different approach for a long term effects, it is also focused in treating Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Alzheimer disease is a very severe neurodegenerative disease where plaque is deposited in brain tissue and brains cellular arrangement becomes tangled and it produces a mentally and physically dysfunctional condition in which the patient can be declining to death. The Medical Marijuana is now prescribed to prevent the progress of Alzheimer. About 1500 physicians perform medical Marijuana Evaluations that allow patients to use medical marijuana legally.

Can Medical Marijuana stop Alzheimer?

The latest research and documents suggests that the compounds in cannabis can slower the process of Alzheimer. The researchers of varied states are performing many tests to use this Medical Cannabis not only to slow the process but also to stop Alzheimer. They are hoping that it can be useful in future endeavour and the patients of Alzheimer are reported to be improved remarkably with the Cannabis Therapy. BBC News Bulletin also stated, “The active ingredient in Marijuana may stall decline from Alzheimer’s disease.”

Adverse effects or symptoms of Alzheimer can be treated by Marijuana in medical terms

Alzheimer’ suffers physical condition as well as mental inactivity also. The medical Cannabis can be used in the problems like,

  • Language speaking
  • Orientation
  • Mood Swings
  • Motivation
  • Abnormal behaviour

Alzheimer is the sixth cause of death in USA and it is detected as not curable but researchers have found many positive reports after working with medical Cannabis. It can dramatically reduced the diseased brain and help out the patients.