Tuesday 18 June 2019
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Quit Smoking With These Great Natural Alternatives

Quitting smoking is the goal of the vast majority of smokers. The problem is that stopping is just incredibly difficult. When you quit smoking, you may experience a number  of very uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects. The anxiety, anger, dry mouth, sleeplessness and other side effects of stopping smoking often prevent smokers from attempting or succeeding.

Luckily, today there are quite a few natural aids to help you when you decide it is time to leave cigarettes behind. It is well known that quitting cold turkey is a fairly sure way to fail. The pharmaceutical alternatives have a woefully poor track record and often have worse side effects than simply quitting.

Many smokers have found that quitting smoking is easier if they partake of acupuncture treatments. This may sound strange, but the fact is this ancient, natural method of treatment has really helped a large number of smokers deal with the anxiety they experience whey trying to quit. Acupuncture also helps a person focus on an intention or goal. This may be a result of simply setting aside some time for the session that also allows time for relaxation and reflection. Regardless of the reason, if it works, it’s worth a try!

Hypnosis has also helped many people attempting to quit smoking. Hypnosis is relaxing and is a great aid to stress reduction. Hypnosis helps the seeker access his or her subconscious mind and change thought patterns about cigarettes, smoking and addiction in general. Adding stress reduction methods such as yoga or meditation to your life will also help bring about these benefits.

Many smokers and people addicted to other substances have found success by simply redirecting their addiction (obsession) to a total health program. The concept involves replacing the rituals and habits of smoking with rituals and habits  of good health. This should be a rewarding and enjoyable program that you look forward to. Do not subject yourself to a harsh, punishing program of diet and exercise. This will not work.

Create a rewarding good health program based in enjoying natural whole foods. Give yourself plenty of time to get outdoors, breathe fresh air and enjoy recreational exercise such as walking, cycling, horseback riding, games, dance and so on.

The great thing about these all natural alternatives to help you quit smoking is that you can use them all together or in concert with any other form of stop smoking method you select. These methods have no harmful side effects and only enrich your life, and you can get started right this very minute! If you find these don’t work, you can try electronic cigarettes which use e-liquid. These e-liquid flavours can come in tobacco which will make you feel like your smoking, but a lot more healthier.