Tuesday 17 September 2019
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Mike Mentzer’s Workout Plan

A Mike Mentzer workout is something that is heard of quite often in the bodybuilding world. For years, bodybuilders everywhere have hoped to achieve the same results as Mike Mentzer did when he was bodybuilding.

The late Mike Mentzer was a professional body builder who was famous for his controversial workout regimen. He got his start in bodybuilding when he was just twelve years old. He was first intrigued by body building after seeing the masses of well-built men on the covers of muscle magazines. In the beginning, Mike’s workout plan consisted of training no more than three times a week, as suggested in a training manual his father gave him. By the age of fifteen, Mike Mentzer’s body weight nearly doubled; thus ensuring the his workout plan was working. While serving in the Air Force after high school, Mike Mentzer increased his workouts to three hours per day, six days per week. But he noticed after doing this that his progress slowed down to a halt.

Mike Mentzer started competing professionally when he was just eighteen years old. After winning the Mr. Lancaster contest, he went on to compete unsuccessfully in the AAU Mr. America contest where he meat Arthur Jones who intoducted him to the theory of High Intensity Training. He soon changed his routine to include more days of rest and less over all sets, but each set he did was an all out effort.

The next time he competed he placed third place in Mr. America contest. He came back the following year and won the entire thing. Mike Mentzer went on to compete in several contests after that and was crowned Mr. Universe in 1978. After becoming a professional bodybuilder, Mike Mentzer won his weight class in the Mr. Olympia competition with a perfect score of 300.

Mike Mentzer retired from professional body building at the age of twenty nine. He went on to become a personal trainer and he wrote books on his workout philosophy. Through years of study, Mike Mentzer came up with his own theory of body building. He devised workouts that were intended to help a person achieve their full potential within the shortest amount of time.

Note: to learn the full details of what Mentzer called Heavy Duty training, you should read his books as well as watch the Mike Mentzer HIT DVD and Mike Mentzer Underground Seminar videos.

Mike Mentzer’s workout plan consisted of high intensity weight training. One principle he believed was weight training had to be brief, and intense to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. His most successful bodybuilding workout plan consisted of working five all out sets each session and then resting 3-7 days between lifting.

Mike Mentzer also believed that diet played a key role in successful body building. He believed that one should take in most of their caloric intake with carbohydrates, rather than protein.

Mike Mentzer revolutionized the body building industries with his bodybuilding workouts. His well written books have helped many to achieve great results and will continue to help many more people in the future.

Mike Mentzer passed away in 2001 due to complications with his heart. He was found by his brother and fellow body builder Ray Mentzer. Ray Mentzer tragically passed away just two days after from complications with Berger’s disease.