Sunday 18 August 2019
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Irregular heartbeats during weight lifting

Weightlifting is highly beneficial for body; it makes bones and muscles strong. Moreover it makes the heart muscles strong as well. Body builders and other trainees do weightlifting as part of exercises so as to make a good looking body and for muscular gain. However it is noticed that often while weightlifting, heart palpitation increases, that is heartbeats get irregular. In such case it is recommended to immediately stop the practice and consult the doctor.

Though weightlifting is highly beneficial for body, it overall results in good strength and strong bones. Weightlifting makes body capable of doing other daily routine tasks easily without getting fatigue. Body builders keep on weight lifting training as a staple exercise; it is where they measure their body weights and how much weight they can lift up. Anyhow, heartbeat can go hyper during weightlifting or any otherathletic exercises. It is common to see the heartbeats can go too fast, too low or irregular. These abrupt is fine while exercises, but when out of the task, a strong body will not face it, and if a weightlifter faces so, there is something wrong with his health and he should immediately  stop the practice. Irregular heartbeats are life threating too, and more dangerous does not know the reason. Taking bulking stacks or consulting doctor at the very first are the only solution this problem.


Irregular heartbeats, heartbeat rate over 100 per minute and not setting to rest, strong chest pain during or after weightlifting are the first symptoms that appear you should consult a doctor. These symptoms may also occur due to restlessness, not getting proper food intake or any reason causing hypertension. Anyhow, whatever may be the reason; taking heartbeats count during weightlifting is very essential, it keeps the record of your practice and can easily determine when and where you started getting trouble with it.

Prevention is better than cure, it is important to seek doctor’s guidance before you begin with weightlifting, this will keep your heartbeat in check you can follow he exercise regime according to your health. Moreover, a trainer is always there to take care of your body while you are weightlifting, don’t turn your ego on, instead, follow the trainers step and take weightlifting only as an exercise to make your body well.  A partner while weightlifting and carrying out other exercises at gym with you would be the best way to keep your heartbeats normal. At least there will always be a person beside you in case of any emergency.  Using proper weightlifting tools and dumbbells is also important, keep your mind focused on what you are doing, exercises are meant to make you feel great, not grow as an angry hulk.

Keep proper diet, avoid alcohol and smoking, there is a lot of food that might cause trouble with your heartbeat rates while you are at gym. Take legal steroids for energy and that also of high quality. Often cheap supplements and steroids do mess with your body organs and by the time you realize it, it gets too late to recover.

Weightlifting should be done with proper measures and under supervision, until and unless you are not an advanced professional