Sunday 18 August 2019
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How To Choose The Perfect Pilates Apparel

If simple calisthenics already run you out of breath and soak your clothes with a bucket worth of sweat, then you might want to brace yourself before shifting to Pilates. You might want to change your gear as well.

Pilates is the mother of all upbeat exercises. It changed the way many people viewed exercising. Instead of making health and fitness appear painful and boring, Joseph Pilates created and compiled a series of exercises that are not only helpful but fun to do as well! Getting fit and living healthy has since then become more enjoyable thanks to the introduction of Pilates.

Just doing Pilates help you achieve full-body exercise – and it takes no more than an hour a day! It’s a combination of movements that touches on several aspects of a person’s physique such as muscle-toning, stamina-building, and cardiovascular rhythm. Many people have testified to how Pilates changed their lives. And, how it also made them change their wardrobe choices – especially when doing their Pilates’ routine.

Pilates will make you sweat – a lot. And it will have you do many extended movements so being in uncomfortable and restricted wear might make you feel more exhausted than you normally would. Gearing yourself up the right way is important to help you push through your Pilates training.

Let us help you with it.

What You Should Be Looking For When Buying Pilates Apparel

  1. Fabrics That Are Feather-light

It is important to note that clothing can add on to your body weight when you’re doing exercises. This means that it becomes a baggage you carry with you as you throw your body in motion. If you’re aiming to tone or build your muscles then it may actually do you good. However, Pilates involves a lot of cardio workout so you might feel spent after just a couple of minutes into the routine.

This article shows you a complete run-down of what you need before starting Pilates – it tells you the right things to wear too!

  1. Skin-tight Is Good

Another thing you should prefer in Pilates clothing is the material. Good exercise garb should be really close to you – literally, like skin-close. It should cling on to your body as if you’re not wearing anything at all. For females, skin-tight Pilates clothing is not only meant to adorn your pretty figure but to support all of the extra weight you carry in certain places (if you know what I mean). Spandex should be a good type of fabric to use. It’s light, it hugs your skin tightly, and it’s resistant to moisture so you don’t really have to worry about drooping wardrobe by the time you get done with a Pilates’ sesh.

For more reasons why skin-tight is just right, here’s a nice quick read:

  1. You Don’t Need The Frills

Lastly, avoid Pilates clothing with a lot of extras. You don’t need ribbons, ties, ruffles, or a big brooch on the middle of your V-neck shirt. Yeah, the brooch is an exaggeration but I know you get the picture. When you’re actively moving your body to sweat it out, wearing plain, comfortable, and flexible Pilates clothing is the best way to go. You can save those fancy fashion trinkets for another day.

If you’re new to Pilates, this guide for beginners is a must-read. Click the link and plunge even deeper into the world of Pilates.