Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Great Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat in Summer

Are you aware of the fact that just like humans, animals too can be affected by heat stroke? With the temperatures rising every summer, this risk too is rising. Professional vets providing full range of services in North Ryde with Gordon Vet share here tips to save your pet from being a victim of the soaring summer food

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It’s well known that hot weather is hazardous. Hyperthermia and heat stroke claim human casualties every summer. But our pets too are not excluded. Therefore, along with taking care of yourself in the summer, you should pay special attention to your pets. As per Dr. Steven Ferguson at the Australian Veterinary Association, pets are just as prone to heat-associated health issues as humans.

How to Help Your Pets Beat the Summer Heat

Here are 10 tips recommended by the AVA to help your pets stay cool and comfortable in the scorching summer heat.

  1. Keep ample water available to your pet all the time. Be sure that the water is fresh and cool. Also remember to keep it in shade.
  2. Use multiple water bowls on the hottest days. Make use of bowls that can’t be tipped and keep them in a relatively cool and shady spot.
  3. Add a few ice cubes to your dog’s water bowls. He will surely enjoy it and his body temperature will come down.
  4. Senior pets are even more prone to the effects of heat; so, keep a keen eye on them. See if they are showing symptoms like troubled breathing.
  5. Dogs usually enjoy sitting in the sun. However, a lot of time in the sun can lead to heat stroke and increase the chances of skin cancers. Hence make sure to provide a shaded area to your dog to spend time.
  6. Provide your dog with a kid’s paddling pool to cool off. The water level in the pool should only be a few inches and place it in a shaded spot.
  7. If your pets cannot be in an air-conditioned room, consider setting up a fan which will blow on them.
  8. Choose early morning or late evening to exercise your pets. Avoid the hottest time of the day.
  9. Give some frozen treats to your pets. That way the pets will become busy for a while and also can cool down.
  10. Some longhaired dogs can get a relief from heat from a trim. Consult your vet.

Keep an Eye on Danger

Watch your pets on a particularly hot day if they show any signs of danger and whether they are experiencing any problem with the heat.

Such signs include fatigue, vomiting or drooling, diarrhoea, difficulty in breathing or heavy panting and seizures.

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Treatment of Heat-related Health Issues

Check the rectal temperature of your dog every ten minutes and keep on treating till temperature drops below 39 degrees.

Ø  If your dog’s temperature is below 40 degrees, it’s enough to move the dog in a cooler environment.

Ø  If your dog’s temperature is above 40 degrees,

  • Spray your dog with water or immerse him in cool (but not cold) water.
  • Applying cool packs in the groin area may also help. Also you can wipe his paws with cool water.

Even though you find that your pet was suffering from just a mild heat stroke and you treated him successfully, still get the pet to your vet. Heat stroke may sometimes cause serious internal issues that may not be seen for some time, even until many days after the stroke.

To keep your pet’s health in top condition, give Gordon Vet Hospital a call today!