Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Five Steps to get started on your Fitness Program

Only five steps to go and you can start a healthier lifestyle. Program design is the best initiative for your health. Staying fit is in the mind of almost everybody, but then most of the people fail to take the initiative, and their dream remains a dream forever.

Your physical activity instructed by personal trainer fairfax will help you in a lot of ways, you will have reduced risk of getting chronically sick, your balance and coordination will get improved, will lower your weight, sleep habits will get better, and your self-esteem will get improved. So, let’s start making a fitness program in five steps only.

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  • You should access your fitness level: You should know your current fitness level before making your fitness program. So, to determine that you can record:
  • Your pulse rate before and after walking 1 mile.
  • The time is taken to walk 1 mile.
  • The number of pushups you can do.
  • The distance you can cover while being seated on a floor with your legs stretched at your front side.
  • The circumference of your waist.
  • Your BMI.
  • A fitness program should be designed: Doing just exercise won’t help you much, you must plan your fitness program. Keep the following things in your mind:
  • Your fitness goals should be considered if you want losing weight or build muscle mass.
  • A balanced routine depending on the time available to you, for example, 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly.
  • Start slow and then slowly progress.
  • Mix your exercise with your daily activity, for example, walking on a treadmill while watching your favorite show.
  • Keep time for your body to recover.
  • Assemble your equipment: After making all those things, you know now what equipment you need. So, gather your equipment.
  • Get started with your equipment: Do not forget to strictly the program you designed.
  • Monitor your progress closely: Through this process, you will know when it is the time for you to increase more time for exercise if the goal is not reached, or you be happy and keep the program design same if you are achieving your goals.