Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Exercising when you’re feeling depressed – How this can improve your health

There are several studies which have recognized the fact that exercise is one of the key factors in diminishing the symptoms of depression. According to a recent study, the argument has been heightened by finding out that when compared to race, age, body mass, gender, diabetes and cholesterol, the sedentary life of a depressed person will account for 25% of the risk of deaths due to heart diseases. The key message is that we have to move since our lives totally depend on it.

However the only problem is that whenever you’re depressed, the last thing that you want to do is move your body and exercise. Considering the lethargy, despair, exhaustion, self-doubt and lack of interest that you find in activities, exercising will often feel like adding fuel to fire. If you think that you should buy anti depression pills online instead of exercising, you need immediate help. Read on to know how you should motivate yourself.

Think of motivation and movement instead of exercise

Don’t compare yourself with your next-door neighbor who runs, jogs or walks. You should begin with a simple plan to move, do it according to your own sweet time and tie up with something that you love. Here are few steps that you should take:

  • Walk and park: Is there a particular store where you would love to shop? If there is a shop, you can park your car a bit farther from the store and then walk towards the door of the store. This isn’t a very big step but you should keep a tab on how much you walk. Don’t feel surprised about your improvements.
  • Discuss with a friend: You can call for someone who can plan to walk with you only for a block. Your friend will understand your problem and he might help you in dealing with it. Before you start off, give permission to stop and move back because you will be in charge of yourself.
  • Offer support: There is motivation and power when you are in the company of others, particularly people who have an agenda which is like others. Suppose there are 2 women who didn’t find someone to talk, you both could team up together and start talking with each other.
  • Be a bookworm: If you don’t feel to walk through the yard without any reason, you can take a book in your hand or listen to an audio book for 10 minutes. However, make sure you listen to the audio book while cleaning, standing or walking.
  • Test the power of music: Research reveals that music has got a powerful impact on the stimulation of your brain. Hence you can try putting earphones and turning on the music, open your door and start walking. You can even dance if you want to as that will be an even better form of exercising.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of ways in which you can naturally deal with depression and remain fit, follow the ways mentioned above.