Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Crowdfunding for Nurses Working In Conflict Zones

Did you know that in hospitals in conflict zones like Syria are run primarily by nonprofits organizations? These nonprofits that have been set up for to provide relief to refugees are funded by the donations of people from all around the world. This goes to show that people are engaged in the betterment and relief aspect of war. At Impact Guru, we believe that crowdfunding India campaigns have the potential to save lives all over the world, by engaging people to contribute towards healthcare in conflict zones.

Hospitals, ambulances, and other medical facilities have been destroyed and bombed, killing many citizen, doctors, and nurses. Conflict zones are in dire need of medical financial assistance for there are not enough doctors or facilities to treat the people affected by war. Nevertheless, there are many doctors and nurses who’ve dedicated and risked their lives to save the lives of people in conflict zones. However, medical treatment, equipment, and facilities can be quite expensive. It is upto us, the citizen, to assist doctors and nurses in conflict zone, by providing financial aid for them to carry out their work. Our help can be extended in the form of effective crowdfunding India campaigns that are aimed at raising funds to cover medical treatment of people in conflict zones. Here are some of the things you can raise money for:

  1. Build underground clinics and medical facilities to protect them from over ground violence
  2. Collect funding for ambulances that will cater to victims of violence in conflict zones
  3. Purchase multiple first aid kits that will be used by nurses and doctors in war torn areas
  4. Raise money for resources needed by nurses and doctors to provide basic first aid training to citizen in case of emergencies
  5. Get funding for hospital and clinic equipment for medical treatment of casualties
  6. Crowdfund for medications that can be taken for citizens and refugees in conflict zones
  7. People in conflict zones are often at risk of mental trauma. Funding for mental health professionals is crucial in conflict zones.

Crowdfunding has helped many people get medical treatment that is unaffordable. Today, we must extend this to the brave doctors and nurses living in high risk areas, only to save lives of people, for no earning at all. Raising money for causes and initiatives that can save lives is what defines the beauty of crowdfunding. It is indeed the fastest and easiest way to raise money for emergency medical care, within and beyond conflict zones. Moreover, a crowdfunding India campaign can be started by anyone and everyone who resonate with humanitarian causes such as this. If you’re one such person, financial assistance will always be available at Impact Guru.