Sunday 20 August 2017
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Posts by: Paul Petersen

fitness coach

Be your own fitness coach

It is great if you have the luxury of a physical therapist and a personal trainer, when you are trying to get or stay in top physical...

Women Should Consider Pilates

Why Women Should Consider Pilates

Women are more likely to gain fat around their stomachs than men and it can be difficult to lose weight once you reach a certain age. That...

woman is pregnant

Looking After Your Body During and After Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, it is a wonderful experience, but the ups and downs of this time can certainly wreak their own havoc on a...


From Plant to Product: Innovation in Natural Skin Health

The most responsible beauty and skin care product researchers tend to create products based in part on their observations of nature,...


Have Your Lips Look, Feel, and Taste Great with Luxuriant Organic Lip Oils

To say the lips are one of the most romanticised parts of ourselves is an understatement. It’s no big secret that beautiful lips are one...


What Can a Physiotherapist Do for You?

A physiotherapist is a certified medical professional that specialises in offering a wide range of non-invasive treatments. As you grow...