Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Are Online pharmacies a long-term means to the ultimate goal?

Do you remember, when was the last time you went to purchase a medicine and the pharmacist simple denied to give you any drug without a prescription? Well, this has definitely happened to everyone once at least. But, could you tell me when was the last time your pharmacist stamped the original prescription and returned to you. I must say- Never!

However, there is the never-ending debate on online pharmacy vs offline pharmacy. Like, any other business in the world online pharmacy is also trying to establish it’s position stronger in the Digital world.

The Online Pharmacy is facing resistance from offline counterparts due to the following reasons:

  • It helps self-medication and illegal buying habit.
  • Patients can buy prescription drugs without an original prescription.
  • For repeated drug purchase an original prescription can be used.

Once the specific licenses are issued to the pharmacist, he has to follow all the rules and regulation of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. Like in rule 65(2) it is written, “the supply, otherwise than by way of wholesale dealing of any drug supplied on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner shall be effected only by or under the personal supervision of a registered pharmacist.”

However, in the plain reading of Section 4 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 it is mandated that, “Where any law provides that information or any other matter shall be in writing or in the typewritten or printed form, then, notwithstanding anything contained in such law, such requirement shall be deemed to have been satisfied if such information or matter is: (a) rendered or made available in an electronic form; and (b) accessible so as to be usable for a subsequent reference.”

So, if there are scopes in online pharmacy than there are some regulations too which an online pharmacist need to follow.