Wednesday 16 October 2019
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All You Need To Know About The Danger And Protection From Spit Attacks

Since not all lines of work result in the possibility of getting spat on, people usually do not understand the gravity of that situation. Getting spat on can result in serious health issues, which is why you need to know the dangers and how to protect yourself.

Those who work in such environments where they are exposed to spit attacks should check out the spit mask and its variations. You could even get the spit mask in jail at Spit Mask, if you work as a warden, or if you had past experiences where prisoners or suspects spat on you.

Dangers from getting spat on

There are a number of spit-borne viruses you should know about before you just dismiss any dangers associated with being spat on. For example, everyone knows that you can get hepatitis B and C through spit, but there are other dangers as well; you could get Rhinovirus (colds), Type 1 herpes (cold sores), Flu virus, Type 1 herpes (cold sores), Strep bacteria or Epstein-Barr virus.

The spit mask is specially designed to conceal the suspect’s identity and protect from spit attacks

One thing that people are always afraid of getting through spit is HIV, which is not something that could be transmitted through saliva at all. However, the other viruses that you can get should not be dismissed at all, as they are still a possibility.

In many cases, just by kissing a person who suffers from the same issues can result in you catching the virus. This goes for all other instances where you would share saliva, such as sharing a toothbrush or the mouthguard. So, be careful with whom you share such items.

If you are sharing the mouthguard with a person you do not know that much, you should always brush your teeth before using the mouthguard, as well as clean the item itself. Make sure to also store it in a case and avoid chewing on it.

Protect yourself

Lucky for you, today you can purchase a good Spit Mask that will protect all the law-enforcers and anyone threatened to be spat on. This applies to everyone who works in such environments, so make sure to check out the variety of spit masks you can get.

There are many providers today, for example, if you check out the spit guard police with Spit Mask, you will see that they offer three different Spit Masks. The first two will protect everyone from getting spat on while also concealing the identity of the suspect, while the third mask is just a basic one that protects from spit.

Choose the mask that best suits your environment

This all depends on your line of work, since if you work as a law enforcer you might want to get a mask that would conceal the identity of the suspect. Putting a cloth over the suspects face is not always the best option since they cannot really see anything in from of them, thus it can cause them to trip. Make sure to do proper research of different types of spit masks you can get today.

Final word

People who do not work in such environments surely do not understand the gravity of this situation and the fact that getting spat on can transmit a virus. There is a little chance of that happening, but that does not mean that you should also treat it as if it will never happen. It is always better to be prepared for everything.