Wednesday 16 October 2019
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7 Positive Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery has steadily been gaining popularity as more individuals come to realize the fantastic benefits it can have on their lives. If you have been considering a more permanent solution to poor vision, find out what others have to say about the benefits of LASIK.

Enjoy Exercise More

One of the most irritating parts of wearing glasses is the lack of mobility they afford you. Many sports are nearly impossible when you are hindered by the potential of glasses falling off of your face. Even for those who wear contacts, there are still difficulties that arise. Sweat and sunscreen can drip into your eye, find itself underneath the contact, and lead to excruciating irritation. LASIK allows you to work out and enjoy all physical activities without the encumberment of exterior eyewear.

No More Discomfort

If you ask some people, they would tell you that pinching from glasses over time is one of the most annoying nuisances. Others would insist that regular dry eyes or headaches from contacts are even worse. With LASIK surgery, there are very rarely long-standing symptoms. While some individuals may experience dry eyes or slight irritation immediately following the procedure, very few report having these symptoms for much longer than a few weeks after the healing process begins.

Don’t Worry About Loss Or Damage

There is no worse noise to a bespectacled individual than the “crunch” of glasses under the foot of a passerby that wasn’t paying attention. Similarly, a contact dropped is oftentimes a contact never found. With LASIK surgery, your vision doesn’t have to be compromised by one clumsy moment.

No Need To Worry About Forgetting Glasses/Contacts

Whether you regularly travel for work or want to make sure you have everything packed for your vacations, LASIK can make this process much easier. If you travel with contacts, you must be sure that you have enough to get you through the entire trip (which can especially be difficult with dailies.) If you prefer to wear glasses, the welfare of your trip may depend on your ability to not lose or break your pair of glasses or worry about carrying around an extra pair. When you invest in LASIK, you can take eyewear off the list of what not to forget when traveling.

Save Money

While many individuals complain that they cannot afford the “high” cost of LASIK surgery, owners of prescription glasses and contacts end up spending much more money in the long run. This option is perfect if you are tired of budgeting a large amount of money each pay period into getting the eye care you need. Glasses and contacts are a continuous lifetime commitment, whereas LASIK surgery is a one-time cost upfront.

Have Excellent Vision All The Time

Are you tired of waking up to a blurry world? Can you not read the differences between the shampoo and conditioner bottles when you’re in the shower? When you receive LASIK surgery, you no longer have to worry about the moments in life when glasses or contacts are inconvenient to wear. You are able to have crystal clear vision every moment of every day — from when you wake up in the morning until you close your eyes to sleep at night.

LASIK eye surgery is among the most common ways individuals every day are improving their lives. The procedure has become both refined and affordable so that individuals everywhere are able to begin reaping the benefits.