Tuesday 18 June 2019
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6 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Podiatrist


Choosing the right podiatrist can be pretty tricky given the fact that there is numerous practitioner in this field offering their service. So how would you know that your prospect podiatrist is the right one and can guarantee a care your feet deserve?

If you need a reliable podiatry option, Sydney podiatry like ModPod Podiatry is the kind of Podiatry that always put patient’s welfare first and make sure they deserve the best possible care. In general, the first step to knowing your prospect podiatrist well is asking the right questions. Six important questions that will lead you to the right podiatrist are listed below.

  1. Does the Podiatrist have a philosophy? This question may seem to have no sense at all but do not disregard this one. A philosophy is crucial for an organization, whatever niche it may be. It is important in building a culture and team that is capable of providing quality and consistent care. If the organization doesn’t have a philosophy or mission, better run away.
  2. Does The Podiatrist Have an Extensive Experience?

There are things that are not taught in school.  A newbie in the field of podiatry may be pretty good in his or her practice, but a seasoned practitioner can give you advantages that newbies cannot. In addition, make sure that the podiatrist of your choice is qualified and board certified.

ModPod has qualified, board certified and seasoned podiatrist who can provide complete foot care. From relieving common foot discomfort, through to supporting your foot with comfortable and fashionable shoes, the team has the extensive experience to provide you the type of foot care you need.

  1. Do they offer a personalized care in an inviting and friendly environment? You don’t wish to get a foot care in a place that does not make you feel welcome, don’t you? At ModPod, the staff makes sure that every patient feels welcome and comfortable.
  2. What technologies, techniques, and treatments do they apply and use?

The type and level of treatment you can receive is not only influenced by the knowledge and level of expertise of the podiatrist. The techniques and technology used also play an important role. ModPod uses a combination of old-fashioned but proven effective patient care along with the advance medical technology to meet each patient’s foot care and health needs.

  1. Do they consider other treatment before recommending surgery? Some people become reluctant to set an appointment with foot specialist fearing that once they visit a podiatrist, they always have to undergo surgery. They cannot be blamed since some podiatrist recommend surgery as the first treatment option. Hence, do not forget to ask your prospect podiatrist about the available treatment options they give. Besides, not all foot problems require surgery. ModPod foot specialists always look for possible treatment other than surgery. If there is no choice left, they will clearly explain the procedure to the patient.
  2. How old are the patients they admit? Age can possibly affect the treatment options a patient can have as well as the healing time. Hence, make sure that your podiatrist has an experience treating individuals of your own age. ModPod team accepts patients of all ages and background. Whether it’s a child, a teen, a mother or a grandfather, ModPod will get you covered.

If you are looking for the best podiatry, consider podiatrist Sydney CBD like ModPod Podiatry.