Wednesday 17 July 2019
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5 Amazing Oregano Oil Benefits

Oregano has long been used to flavour dishes including pizza and pasta, but one thing you may not have thought about is the fact that it can also be used as a supplement in capsule form and can even be used to clean out your cabinets. Oregano oil cleansing properties come from carvacol and thymol both chemicals that are effective for use as cleaning agents. Taken orally it is also able to give the immune system a boost and aid the respiratory and digestive functions.

Because of how highly concentrated oregano oil is a little goes a long way. This also means you should take care should you wish to diffuse it or inhale it. Just a couple of drops are necessary. The same caution should be taken if you use it on your skin. It should be diluted it using coconut oil or another carrier oil.

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Cleaning agent for the home

As a cleaning agent for your home you can create a household cleaner by mixing 10 drops with 16 ounces of water. The spray purifies and cleanses and is not toxic making it perfect for cleaning the kitchen tops.

Immunity boost     

No one likes not feeling well, but unfortunately there are numerous environmental threats about all year around. To avoid these threats, you have to concentrate on strengthening your immune system. Oregano oil can help you do this by diluting just a single drop with 4 0z of water or other palatable liquid. During winter months, you can increase it to 2 drops to keep your immune system healthy. If you can’t handle the taste you can instead use a vegetarian capsule to swallow whole.

Antioxidant properties     

Rather than looking for capsule antioxidants that can contain ingredients that have not been thoroughly tested, see how oregano can help. The oregano oil naturally has antioxidants which can help to reduce free radicals.

Digestion health properties

To break down food correctly and totally benefit from its nutrients the body created digestive juices. If you don’t have enough then you can suffer stomach problems including bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion. Oregano oil helps the body to secrete the juices it needs to break down food helping you to overcome occasional issues.

Couple up with peppermint oil

When combined with peppermint oil, oregano oil benefits increase which gives you double the benefit whether you wish to add it to your dishes or take as a separate supplement.


Although completely natural there are certain groups of people that should take oregano oil with caution. They include women that are nursing, pregnant or suffering from severe health issues.

You should keep oregano oil clear of your eyes and any sensitive areas of your body to avoid irritation. Never put oregano oil into your ears and if you show any signs of issues you should discontinue use and seek medical attention accordingly. And, always dilute oregano oil with carrier oil before applying it to the skin.