Wednesday 16 October 2019
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4 reasons makingAnavar best not an Hoax steroid

Anavar is an Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid safe for both men and women. Being mild to body both with side effects and drying up body to increase muscle, Anavar was mistaken as a hoax drug.  But it works miraculously for cutting weight with very mild side effects make it best in its category.  There are few more reasons to support this fact.

  1. Oral

Steroids normally can be taken orally or as an injectable. Anavar is a best orally active steroid with effective results at a realistic pace. Though it can be taken as an injectable, the effects are almost same. Oxandrolone increases fat burning. In oral, it acts mildly to liver thus causing no damage to it when compared to other steroids. It is only one of very few steroids which could be taken orally and have excellent effects on body as required.

  1. Mild side effects

As known, Anavar is very friendly steroid and have very mild side effects. These side effects also can be minimised by doctor supervision and healthy lifestyle. The slight androgenic behaviour causes mild virilisation in females effecting vocal chords, hair growth. If these symptoms persist, it is advised to stop the usage of Anavar as they may become permanent. It is also not advised to use Anavar if one suffers from cholesterol issues. Usually steroids suppress natural testosterone production, but thank that Anavar acts milder in this case.

  1. Provides strength

It benefits starts with increase is red blood cell count, which in turn enhances endurance of muscle. Some studies have shown that the steroid improves cardiovascular endurance. Anavar has shown extremely good results when prescribed in the case to weight gain when the loss is due to surgery. It also works well for treating Osteoporosis and increase bone density. It also acts against Hepatitis and even works well in children who lack necessary hormone production.

Anavar makes top on the list for athletes as it do not produce or build-up muscle mass but gives strength which can be transformed to speed or power. This lasts for longer time can be used well in training too thus enhancing the performance of athletes. The rapid results are seen within short time of use.

  1. Women friendly

Though it is called DHT, we can say it is having low or non-existent of androgenic properties and thus making it one of the most female friendly steroids.A very low dosage for cutting cycle like 10mg per day is sufficient for a female athlete and it can go up to 20mg but with minor virilising symptoms. But the jump to 20 mg needs to be gradual , 5mg per intake.

Anavar is a very popular steroid in way back 1970’s brought out to market by Searle&co. But the company forced to stop the production by FDA as it tightened the steroid market by 1995. Though Anavar is missed badly in US, it has a new form in the name of hormone ‘Oxandrolone’.  It is a legal drug in many countries but only though a prescription.